Wednesday, 13 April 2016

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A highly selective GATE /IES/PSU preparation programme
StudyA highly selective GATE /IES/PSU preparation programme
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  • Final year B.Tech students are also eligible .
  • Open for all branches 

Sunday, 6 March 2016


Here are some important points you should keep in mind to crack Gate without taking help from any tuition center.
First, give emphasis on systematic study. Plan well to cover the parts from where previous year papers have been set mostly. Systematic study for 3-4 hours a day can work wonder for anyone. This is the MOST important aspect to keep in mind for any competitive exam.
Second, always read from good standard books that are followed internationally. This may seem difficult, but useful to grasp concepts. Often reference books contain wrong concepts harmful for us students. So it will be better not to study from these. Again Youtube videos are there on different topics. NPTEL is there. These all are sources of important concepts required for Gate. For aptitude part, follow any standard aptitude book for the last month before Gate and that will be enough to score 10+ out of 15.
Third, Practice. Only studying will take you to nowhere. Study and after finishing a module/chapter, try to solve as many questions as you can gather from different sources on that topic. There are many model question books for Gate available. Solve as much as you can. Again, solving previous year question papers is a must. Try to solve these at least thrice before GATE-17. I assure you, if you understand all the concepts that have come in previous year papers, you can easily achieve good score in Gate.
Fourth, Give some full time mocks starting from September or October. Try to recognize the solving pattern that you are most comfortable with, ie, some are comfortable with finishing the aptitude part first and then technical, while some others may consider the reverse and some even consider oscillating between these two sections. Different tuition centers arrange for these mocks and I would suggest you to give mocks there, as they provide you the percentile & score from which you can get the idea about the competition around you.
Fifth, time management. This is the most crucial thing. Again focus on your plan to manage time just before GATE. Plan well in advance what are to be revised during last 2 months. DO NOT STUDY DURING LAST 2 MONTHS. That won't help much. ONLY PRACTICE AND REVISE. And solve aptitude questions that time.
I have tried to highlight the main factor that can give you the extra edge over others in Gate. All the best. :)

Sunday, 26 January 2014

GATE : Qualifying Disciplines for Eligiblity Degrees

Qualifying Disciplines for Eligibility Degrees

Discipline: Engineering/Technology/Science
Aeronautical Engg.Petroleum/Petro-Chemical Engg./Technology
Aerospace Engg.Planning
Agricultural Engg.Plastic Technology
Applied MechanicsPolymer Technology/Science
ArchitectureProduction/Industrial Engg.
Automobile Engg.Renewable Energy
Biochemical Engg.Rubber Technology
Biomedical Engg.Textile Engineering & Fibre Science
BiotechnologyAgricultural Science
Ceramic & Glass TechnologyApplied Electronics
Chemical Engg.Applied Physics
Chemical TechnologyBiochemistry
Civil/Environmental/Structural/Construction Engg.Bio-Sciences
Computer Science Engg./TechnologyChemistry
Control and InstrumentationComputer Applications
Electrical Engg./Electrical and Electronics Engg./Power EngineeringEarth Sciences
Electro-Chemical Engg.Engineering Physics
Electronics/Comm./Telecomm Engg.Geology/ Geophysics
Energy Engg.Industrial Chemistry
Environmental Engg.Veterinary/Animal Science
Food Technology/Processing Engg.Life Sciences (Botany)
Industrial Engg.Life Sciences (Zoology)
Industrial ManagementMaterials Science
Information Science/TechnologyMathematics/Applied Mathematics
Instrumentation & Process ControlNano Science & Technology
Manufacturing Engg.Nuclear Physics
Material Science and EngineeringOperations Research
Mechanical Engg.Pharmaceutical Sciences
Medical InstrumentationRadio Physics
Metallurgical Engg/Industrial MetallurgyRadio Physics & Electronics
Mineral Engg./Mineral DressingStatistics
Mining Engg./Technology; MachineryTextile Chemistry
Naval Architecture/Marine Engg.Statistics
Oil TechnologyTextile Chemistry
Paint Technology

GATE 2014 Hepldesk by IIT KGP

GATE 2014 Help Desk

Dedicated help desk has been created for GATE 2014 queries. For any GATE 2014 related issues, kindly contact us through phone, fax or email using the Phone Numbers & Email address given below. Kindly provide your Enrolment ID, name and mobile number when you contact us with your queries. If you find any mistake in printed application form please ATTACH A COPY OF THE SAME and send an email to the email address given below, so that the problem can be addressed from our side
Phone: +91 3222 282093
            +91 3222 282094
            +91 3222 282091

Fax     : +91 3222 278243

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Subject Wise Weightage For GATE ECE

Here is the subject wise weightage of marks for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) for Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE).
This data is analyzed based on the allotment of marks in previous ten years GATE exam papers.
It is to be noted that it may vary year to year and cannot be taken for granted. This just helps us to prioritize the subjects for preparation